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Jane Ramsay

About Me —

The Dog Mom

I’m a dog mom. I’m not a human mom. I’m occasionally a cat mom. But I’m always a dog mom. The breed may change, the dog may change, but my days are structured around my dog and I’m constantly engaged with what I can do to better the life and health of my dog. I decided that maybe other dog moms and dads could also benefit from the time and energy I put in to bettering my dogs life, so I’ve created this website.

Dogs (and cats) have been a huge part of my life since pretty much day one. My professional life has also been dedicated (to some extent) to animals, as I’ve worked in retail settings which are dedicated to health and welfare of animals.

Currently I’m “mom” to a smooth collie named Brody, who is my shadow. He fills my life with joy and occupies much of my time, dedicating it to giving him the healthiest and happiest life I possibly can. I’d love to share this with you, if you’d like to follow along.

I’m not a breeder, I’m not a vet, I’m the dog mom.

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Here, the Dog Mom shares all my favourite links and finds to help make life with your dog easier, healthier and just plain fun! There will also be chances to win handcrafted dog themed prizes so check back often.

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