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K9 Training Academy - FREE Course

Transform your dog’s behavious using the same strategies used to train service dogs.

Woof Packs - $20 Coupon

A monthly box of treats and toys for your beloved canine. Click for a $20 coupon from The Dog Mom.

Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free! Odor Eliminator

100% Eliminates Pet Odor on Contact. No Enzymes, Fragrance, Detergent, or Bleach – Safe for Kids and Pets. Limited time! 35% off code PROMO35!

Laika Dog Leash

Best dog leash!

The Laika robust and sturdy Moonwalk Retractable Dog Leash is the best leash available — bar none! Chew-proof, 16 foot reflective lead, with free extra .5M tape to walk two dogs together.

Laika Dog Brush

The Laika Dog Brush

The best dog brush — bar none! The Laika self-cleaning Dog Brush removes fur with one click. Non-slip and ergonomic handle. FREE shipping for orders over $49

SiteGround Web Hosting

OK, web hosting isn’t a dog product, but some people ask website owners who they use. We are super happy with SiteGround and right now they offer an 80% discount and plans from only $2.99 USD/month.

Laika Dog Leash

Trupanion Insurance

Looking for Pet Insurance for your dog? Check out the plans available from our affiliate Trupanion.


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